Key Stage 1

For Key Stage One we focus on working scientifically.

We encourage asking simple questions by discussing our animals and allowing lots of opportunity for questions.

We promote identification and classification within our range of animals.

We perform simple tests with our fun experiments, such as "how far will the chameleon climb?", "how deep will the meerkat dig?" and various other experiments.

We strive to allow children to use their observation skills and ideas to suggest answers to questions by allowing them to get up close and personal when handling our impressive animals.

We also enjoy close observation using simple equipment in lots of our sessions, including our fun minibeast session. Kids love using magnifying glasses to look closely at our fascinating bugs!

Year 1

Year One is a fantastic year to teach and we find they respond incredibly well to our animals. Here are some examples of our Year One classes.

especially good with our wonderful reptiles who are fantastic posers for budding artists!

Drawing Classes

Roaming Ranger

searching in woods or open spaces for natural wildlife

Creepy Crawlies

an up close and personal look at our invertebrates

copying our animals natural iconic movements - can you pose like a meerkat on sentry duty?

Movement Mayhem

Year 2

For the top of Key Stage Two we look to enhance their development and expand on their knowledge of animals. We ensure that all programs meet the needs of the new National Curriculum.

exploring animal habitats and how they provide animals with their basic needs.

Helpful Habitats

studying the food that animals need to eat and how they fit in to the food chain.

Food Chain Frenzy

we delve into animals and their offspring, looking at how they are raised and the differences between animals.

Family Trees

We tailor all programs to suit the needs of the facility, so please do contact us with any enquiry and we shall write a program to suit you best!