Animal Welfare

Our animals are the most important thing to us and their welfare is paramount. We are not a petting zoo; instead we allow our animals to meet people if they want to, in a way that suits them. Our lovely meerkats, for example, free-run in a classroom style session. This means that they are free to explore the location and the people in it as they wish. Equally, if they want to stay in their enclosure they may! They get treats if they come out, but also treats if they stay in. We want to ensure their happiness and mental wellbeing, as well as their safety, above anything else. Whilst our animals travel in carry cases for their safety, once at location, they each have their own enclosure that provides them with more space so that they are not confined whilst there.


Enrichment is incredibly important to us. Enrichment helps to keep our animals minds healthy and happy. Using problem solving skills, physical prowess and sometimes pure luck, we challenge our animals to work hard for their food. For example, using puzzle balls filled with treats, or using scents such as lavender to add variety to our animals enclosures, helps them to use their mental capacities. Cookie, our african grey parrot, has the mental capacity of a three year old. Daily enrichment and interaction is vital to keeping him healthy!

Their homes are made larger than the recommended size enclosures, following the zoo specifications from BIAZA and EAZA. We also like to include, where possible, running water, plants they would normally find, as well as substrate that they would normally live on.