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Animal Experiences

We offer a range of animal experiences. All of our experiences are educational and fun; we firmly believe in letting our animals get to know participants in their own way! Whether this be from eating food participants give, to jumping on your lap - we let our animals decide what they are comfortable with.

You can either book an experience, or purchase a gift voucher.

To book an experience, please see below or contact us for more options.


We hold our visitors to the highest of standards and as such, we reserve the right to exclude any visitors who is not respectful to the animals, their peers or their teachers. Visitors who are not respectful will be asked to leave and will not be refunded.

What to bring

  • A coat is always worth having as we are outside a lot.

  • Wellies or outdoor boots as it can get muddy.

  • Closed toe shoes are essential to be able to enter animal enclosures.

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