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AQA Unit Award Scheme

We are delighted to be offering the AQA Unit Award Scheme from September 2020. This gives Rangers a chance to work towards different Units of certification to prove their developing animal husbandry and care skills. We shall be developing our own programme alongside using existing AQA programmes to ensure the difficulty of skill levels suits ages from 4-18. There will be multiple units that Rangers can work towards being certified in, from basic husbandry and animal handling, to advanced animal training and husbandry skills. 

This scheme costs £75 per year (including VAT), and Rangers can complete as many certifications as they can in that time. This cost includes the certificate for when they have completed the unit! 

We have put a few sample units on our website for people to see what the scheme is all about!

We hold our pupils to the highest of standards and as such, we reserve the right to exclude any pupil who is not respectful to the animals, their peers or their teachers. Pupils who are not respectful will be asked to leave the program and will not be refunded for classes missed.

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