Covid-19 Updates

A message from Co-Directors, Ranger Louise and Ranger Iain.


Continuing Classes: 1:1 or sibling private therapy session

Cancelled classes: All mixed school group classes, youth group bookings, Home Education, Greenvale Primary classes, school bookings, Mini Rangers

Potentially starting: Online Classes. If you are interested in online classes, please complete this form or let us know.

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the majority of our services will need to close until March. We shall be postponing the start of our term until we are allowed to. This means for anyone booked onto an affected class, that the 6 sessions will be postponed rather than refunded and we shall update everyone of these new term dates as soon as we are allowed to open.

Whilst we hope this closure will only be for a few weeks, we are incredibly worried about the financial impact this will have on The ARC Centre. It costs us around £7,000 to run the centre for two weeks and after our electricity bills, our biggest expenditure is food and bedding for the animals.


We know how difficult this year has been financially for so many and we know that so many of our families have already donated or sent us essentials from our Amazon wishlist.


We would like to ask anyone that is in a position to and would like to, please consider sending us a donation to help with heating, or fruit, vegetables and livefood for the animals. With our new capybara Yondu eating 2.5kg of fruit and vegetables a day, we would be incredibly grateful! 

We use a wide variety of fruit and vegetables as well as greens (such as spring greens, chinese leaf, romaine lettuce, chard etc) and would greatly appreciate any donation.


We have partnered with Wood Fruits; a local greengrocerss who have put together ARC boxes especially for our animals. Ordering produce through them not only helps keep our animals fed, but also helps a local greengrocers too! If you contact them directly, they can help you to order a set box, or tell them how much you would like to buy, and they will make a box to your donation amount. These boxes will then be delivered directly to us!!

Thank you so, so much for all of your support, words of encouragement and donatons during this pandemic. Iain and I have really been blown away with how supportive our amazing ARC family are and know we wouldn't have survived this year without you.

Thank you. Ranger louise and Ranger iain.

Ways to donate

We have updated our wishlist to contain our most needed items - livefeed for the animals.

Donate via transfer

Send a donation via bank transfer. Funds raised here go towards paying for the animals vet bills and care. Please contact us for details. 

Send a donation through PayPal. Funds raised here will also go towards paying for the animals vet bills and care. 

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