Frequently asked questions

Are you a zoo?

This question does come up quite a lot! We are not a zoo, we differ from a zoo in that we are entirely focused on education, whether this be through our schools program, classes or experiences. We do however, use and follow the high stanards of major UK zoos. All of our enclosures are designed and built to exceed all recomendations within the global zoo community. Our procedures for animal husbandry, welfare and quarentine are also all in line with recognised zoo standards.

Are you open to the public?

No. We are not open to the public apart from on advertised open days. However, we do accept private bookings for educational tours, expericnes and events.

Can you rescue my pet?

We are not a dedicated pet rescue centre, however we do consider exotic animals on an individual basis so please do get in contact with any queries.

What age's can you run sessons for?

All of our priavte bookings are completely bespoke and can be tailored you requirements. As such we can provide a sesson suitable for any age group and we have experience working with everyone from young children through to the elderly.