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Key Stage 3,4&5

For Key Stage 3, 4 & 5 we can offer a variety of learning methods.

Small group practical hands on learning and interactions with animals.

Individually tailored sessions for whole classes. These can be to meet any specific learning outcome. 

Block booked weekly classes for up to 15 participants.

We strive to allow children to gather, record, classify and present information by challenging them to conduct research at home and within sessions in a fun and innovative manner.

Animal Ranger

This program is specifically designed for anyone interested in becoming a zookeeper or with a love of animals. Each week, pupils will look after and care for the animals, from food preparation, to cleaning and enrichment.

Aspiring Vets

This program is designed for anyone interested in becoming a vet or veterinary nurse. Each week, pupils will learn how to do basic health checks as well as trimming nails and giving basic medicines.

Aquarist Ranger

Our new Aquarist Ranger classes are for anyone interested in learning how to look after aquatic species! 

Rangers will learn how to test water conditions, feed and train our aquatic species and learn how to aquascape!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

We would love to discuss what incredible and unique opportunities we can offer your students.

Behaviourist Ranger

This class aims for our students to develop an understand of the natural kingdoms most weird and wonderful techniques to survive and thrive. We will also be conducting behaviour studies to answer your questions about the animals at the ARC Centre!

Animal Training

 Exclusively for 15-18 year olds, this program enables Rangers to train our animals in areas beneficial to their husbandry and health. Rangers will work on creating and implementing training programmes.  

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