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We offer one to one and group sessions for those that need animal therapy - young and old. We also offer weekly and one-off sessions for those with special educational needs (SEN) and looked after children (LAC).

Special Educational Needs

We feel that animals have an amazing way of connecting with people and we design all of our sessions to suit the needs of the client and our animals.

Food Festival

demonstrating which animals eat what food. An interactive and innovative class.

Supportive Skeletons

looking at which animals have a skeleton and how this supports and protects them.

Drawing Classes

especially good with our wonderful reptiles who are fantastic posers for budding artists!

Looked After Children

We offer weekly one to one or group sessions for looked after children. Working with their school, we design their sessions to help meet their personal goals.

Careful Classification

looking at grouping and classification. Our animals help children to connect and understand with the complex nature of classification!



looking at local and wider environments. Discussing the creatures that live there and how their habitats change seasonally.

Dangerous Developments

discussing changes to the environment and the effects this can have on certain species. In particular, the axolotls really fit well within this topic.

Food Chain Frenzy

expanding further on the food that animals need to eat and how they fit into the food chain

Animal Therapy

We offer individual or group therapy for anyone that feels they could benefit from some relaxation and time away from the busy world to heal with our wonderful animals

Loving Life Cycles

discussing the differences in life cycles for different types of animals.

Reproduction Relationships

analysing the differences in reproduction.

Amazing Attenborough

learning about the work of David Attenborough and other animal behaviourists and naturalists.

For more details of how we could help you, please do contact us.

For details of our animal ranger weekly classes, please click below.

Weekly Ranger Classes
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