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Video Calls

Book a Video Call with our animals! 

We offer 5, 15, 30 and 60 minute durations, but can also arrange different arrangements if you would like. Calls start at just £5 for 5 minutes. During your call, we can feature any of our animals that you would like to see (as long as they are well and available on the day).


Animal Available for video calls:

Rabbits  |  Guinea pigs  |  Chickens  |  Corsac Foxes  |  Capybara  |  Goats  |  Skunk  |  Marmoset Monkeys  |  Parrots  |  Corn Snake  |  Sugar Gliders  |  Meerkats  |  Bearded Dragon  |  Tortoise  |  Curly Haired Tarantula  |  Giant African Land Snails

We hold our pupils to the highest of standards and as such, we reserve the right to exclude any pupil who is not respectful to the animals, their peers or their teachers. Pupils who are not respectful will be asked to leave the program and will not be refunded for classes missed.

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