Animal Experiences

We offer a range of animal experiecn

Our HE days run on Mondays during term time from 10:00 - 15:00. Rangers will participate in every aspect of looking after the animals during the day, from feeding and cleaning to enrichment and medication. 


We hold our pupils to the highest of standards and as such, we reserve the right to exclude any pupil who is not respectful to the animals, their peers or their teachers. Pupils who are not respectful will be asked to leave the program and will not be refunded for classes missed.

What to bring

  • A coat is always worth having as we are outside a lot.

  • Wellies or outdoor boots as it can get muddy.

  • Rangers will need to bring lunch, snacks and a drink.


Our classes are booked on a first come first served basis. Each session is booked individually.

Please note; once booked sessions are non-refundable.

0208 405 0252


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